Why choose Concrete Paver ?

Concrete pavers are suitable to use at most outdoor area such as pedestrian walkway, parking, sidewalks, patios and many more, with the varieties of shapes, colors and laying pattern, there is plenty of room for creativity. Being able to cut the pavers to fit a desire pattern or space also increase its versatility.

Concrete pavers are generally very competitive in price when comparing to other paving solution suck as clay pavers, granite pavers, sandstone pavers and even poured concrete, due to its precast manufacturing process. The cost of repairing is also lower compared to poured concrete as only the damaged piece needs to be removed and replace with a new piece, making it an economical choice.

Concrete pavers are made with machine by using high compression, achieving high density and compressive strength result. In addition to that, the installation method also ensure that each unit has joints the allow for small amount of movement without cracking unlike poured concrete.

Concrete pavers can be use under any climate and can be use immediately upon completion without needing to be cured like poured concrete. The rough surface texture also provides decent grip for both pedestrians and vehicles at wet condition.

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